I graduated 2012 from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) where I learned innovative and holistic coaching methods and practical lifestyle management techniques.
I have also just now finished my recent studies in the area of nature and environmental issues.

I have become passionate about the nowadays scientifically proven well-being effects of the nature. Let us utilize our beautiful forests and feel the healing effects in them. I am a licensed Metsämieli i.e. Forest Mind trainer and have studied the well-being effects of the nature otherwise, too. Let us schedule a one hour- to half a day trip to your group to start with.  These methods can also be used in individual coaching, of course.

I also possess degrees in Master of Law from the University of Helsinki as well as Master in International Business from University of San Diego. My 16-year global corporate experience helps me to understand the requirements and pressure in today's working life.

I am also very drawn to issues not visible or said upfront. I help you to find the hidden fears which prevent you from being who you are and truly can be. I have acquainted myself with the healing methods of the Andean tradition over quite a long period of time and use those in my practise too, when appropriate.